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CNG - The raw material of the Future

• Natural gas i the only environmentaly friendly and widespread fuel ensuring power for the next 40 years in the world
• Total nuber of CNG powered vehicles exceeds 12 millions. These vehicles are on the roads almost in 80 contries on all continents of the world
• CNG vehicle operation costs about 66% less than potrol and 33% less then diesel vehicle operation in global average
• Rising probability of growing oil price due to unstable oil prices. There are concerns about further rise of oil prices due to global economic crisis overcome
• All types of fuel in all its forms can by replaced by natural gas as a fuel - the vice versa process is not possible
• The processes employed for natural gas exploration are in permanent progress
• Biogas (methane produced by the decomposition of organic matter) is considered to be renewable source of energy with possible production anywhere in the world




Environment, Safety

• Natural gas is lighter than air.  In case of leakage it disperses immediately thus potential explosion is prevented - in contrast to gasoline or LPG
• Storage cylinders of compressed natural gas meet the very strict production standards including high-pressure testing exceeding average use
• CNG powered vehicle operation is considered to be more safe in comparison to vehicles powered by conventional fuels, which is provided by nature of the gas and system construction


Natural gas meets strict environmental standards requested by the authorities.  Natural gas is considered to be the fuel with the lowest rate of environmental pollution 
CNG vehicles produce 25 % less of CO2 in comparison to vehicles powered by petrol and 35% less in comparison to vehicles powered by diesel fuel
• CNG vehicles produce CO emissions reduced by 95% in comparison to vehicles powered by petrol. Emissions of hydrocarbon are reduced by 80% and emissions of nitrogen oxide are 30% lower
• CNG vehicle does not produce any sulphur-containing emissions, no solid particle, no lead or heavy metals
• CNG is hermetically sealed in high-pressure bottles. No vaporisation is effected in contrast to petrol which is causing by its vaporisation 50% of total aromatic hydrocarbons contamination
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