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CNG Benefits

For Companies:

• Economy of operations optimalisation is reached
• Filling stations constructions investment is transferred to the Contractor
• Tax relief  (low and guaranteed  consumption tax and  zero road tax)
• PR – Environment-friendly fuel support
• No extra service staff needed to operate the CNG filling station
• Potential employee benefit
• No fuel leakage and consequent soil contamination due to refuelling

For Users:

• Increase of full-tank range
• Easier engine start
• Fuel security - Impossible purloining of fuel
• CNG tank is more safe and more resistant in comparison to petrol tank
• Natural gas is a synonym for clean fuel – no carbon deposits are produced
• Oil replacement interval as well as engine endurance is prolonged
• High octane number prevents engine knocking
• Driving powered by petrol is preserved
• In many countries CNG powered vehicles city entrance is allowed as well as there direct financial support for vehicles powered by alternative fuels is effected




Example of variable transport cost saving


Contact us for Calculation of Savings due to the change to compressed natural gas powered car pool.


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